Curtain & Roman Blinds Repair & Maintenance in the Coromandel area

Curtain clinic Coromandel

We are excited to be now able to offer our curtain cleaning service to a large part of the Coromandel. Thanks to our agent, Elaine in Whitianga, our service will be offered in Coromandel Town, and from Matarangi to Whangamata.

Elaine can offer our Silver Service (pickup from and delivery back to the door), and our Gold Service (pickup/delivery/takedown and reinstall), or you can choose our most economical option and drop them to Elaine in Whitianga, and pickup on completion. We can offer a 5-7 working day turnaround, and just a bit longer if repairs or re-lining is involved.

It’s so easy – fill out an online enquiry with measurements of your curtains and/or Roman blinds, we will send you an estimate to sign and accept, and we will then have Elaine contact you, to organise which service option you will require.

Choose the Curtain & Blind cleaning service that best suits you.

Plus Curtain or Blind Repair & Maintenance on request for all Service options.

Bronze Service

Our most value. You drop off at our Coromandel premises and pick up on completion.

Most Popular

Silver Service

We pickup from, and deliver back to the door

Gold Service

We pickup/deliver/takedown and reinstall.


What is the turnaround time for your Coromandel service?

5-7 working days

Do you treat damaged curtains?

We specialise in the cleaning and removal of serious stains, particularly mould and watermarks, from all fabric types, including thermals. If linings are ripped, we can also manufacture and fit detachable linings when the curtains come in for cleaning. The turnaround time would be extended, however.

Do you remove stains?

Yes, as above

Can you really remove mould and other stains?

Yes, we can.

How much for a 3 bedroom house?

 Pop onto our website and follow the instructions for measuring the curtains. We can then come back to you with an accurate price.

I cannot take the curtains down, is that something you can do?

Our agent, Elaine, can offer pickup/delivery/takedown and reinstall, or you can save money if you were able to drop them to her, and pick them up again, once they are completed.

Not sure if your Curtains or Blinds are repairable?