Professional Curtain and Roman Blind Cleaning Service

For general questions regarding our services or products, please check below to see if we have answered
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Can you remove stains?

Some household stains can come out easily, while others may require a more intensive treatment. Thus, we can’t guarantee complete removal before we see the item. However, if our methods don’t work, then nothing will.

Do you clean delicate fabrics?

Yes - we clean voiles, sunfilters and even hand-woven fabrics.  Each curtain is individually washed with our gentle cold water process.

Can you really remove mould and other stains?

The simple answer is "yes"!  We have a variety of processes for different colours and types of fabric so if one process fails, we move onto the next until we get the best results we can.

We cannot however, offer guarantees of 100% stain removal until we see the fabric and know what the problem is.  Be assured though, if our processes don't work, nothing will.

The hooks are really hard to get out....will you do that?

The good news is that we need the hooks to be left IN your curtains.  We hang them by the hooks to process them so please do leave them in.

Do you guarantee my curtains won't shrink?

Unfortunately, NO.  If a fabric is going to shrink, it will always do this on a first-time clean.  The higher the cotton content, the more likelihood there is of shrinkage.  However, we have tried to minimise the amount of shrinkage possible - we use absolutely no heat in our processes, no agitation and we line-dry.  If we know that the fabric will shrink, we will advise you prior to cleaning - we do offer a rehemming service, but many fabrics will "drop" of their own accord, once they have been hanging for a few days. 

Our Roman Blinds are attached to wood. Do we have to dismantle them?

There is absolutely no need to dismantle your blinds.  Just unscrew them, or lift them out of the brackets that they sit in, and bring them in just as they are.

How much for a 3 bedroom house?

We don't quote by the houselot, it all depends on the size of your curtains please use our online quote to get pricing.

Do you do verticals and venetians

We do not clean verticals, venetians or wooden blinds - we specialise in fabric window coverings.  There are many reputable blind cleaning companies who can help you.

Do you work weekends?

We are open every Saturday from 9am - Midday, except for Public Holidays weekends. Our pick up and delivery service is strictly Monday - Friday only.

Do we need to book, if we are bringing the curtains and Roman blinds to you?

NO!  The beauty of our Bronze service is that you can just call in at your convenience, allow 2 working days without the curtains and then they will be ready for you to collect.

I work full time and can't get home during the day, do you pick up on the weekend?

Unfortunately , we do not offer our pick up and delivery service on the weekends.  You could consider our Silver Service whereby you take them down and rehang them, but just pop their at your front door (or somewhere that you have advised us), and we can do the rest.  They are always packed in plastic for return, and we can ensure they are returned to the same spot.

If we are using your silver service how do we pay you?
You will be emailed a quotation once your curtains/blinds are brought back to our factory. This quotation will require you to sign and accept before cleaning is commenced. Payment is then required, either to our bank account, or you can phone your credit card details through to us, PRIOR to curtains being delivered back. There will be a receipted invoice included with your job, on delivery day.
Do you take all credit cards

We take credit cards, except for American Express. However, there is a 2.7% surcharge automatically added to a credit card transaction.


I have bought some readymade curtains that need pressing how much would this cost?

Sorry - this is not a service that we offer.  Perhaps try a drycleaner.

I would like my curtains rehemmed is that something you can do?

We do rehemming, but only if we clean the curtains first.  We are happy to quote on this as requested.

My linings have ripped and shredded from being in the sun for years. Can you replace my linings?

We supply detachable linings, specifically made for your curtains.  We would clean your curtains, then make and attached the detachable lining. Get in touch to discuss details and price guidelines.

Bring back the freshness to your curtains

Have you measured your curtains? Please watch this 45-second video for guidance on how to measure accurately for a quote.