Dirty Curtains? We Bet We Know What Made the Mess…

by | Nov 21, 2022

Have you ever cleaned your house from top to bottom but it felt like something wasn’t quite right? Then when you go to check your curtains—oh, no! What are those strange marks? And what is that terrible smell?

As curtain cleaning specialists, here at Curtain Clinic we see a wide range of curtains in various states of unhealthiness. Mould and mildew are among the most common problems we encounter in our business and we can fix these with no issues, regardless of how bad the problem may appear. 

However, mould and mildew aren’t the only causes of dirty curtains. The lesser-known ‘3 Ps’ of curtain cleaning are a common culprit that you need to look out for. Read on to find out what to do about them. 

1. P – pee!

We all love our precious pets, but we don’t love their little habit of relieving themselves on our curtains. This is particularly noticeable on white curtains but can go undetected on coloured curtains for weeks or months. 

Here are some tips to help you check if your curtains are affected:

  • Check whether the curtain fabric is suspiciously stiff. When pet urine is allowed to dry on your curtains, the affected fabric will no longer drape nicely and will be noticeably stiffer than the unaffected fabric.
  • Does an unpleasant smell fill your house but you can’t figure out where it’s coming from? If you’ve checked everywhere and still can’t see what might be causing that nasty smell, don’t forget to inspect your curtains. More often than not, you’ll discover the horrible smell is coming from your lovely drapes. Oh, no!

If you do find pee on your curtains, don’t fear. Get in touch with Curtain Clinic and we’ll be able to help. Our team will get your curtains pee free and smelling fresh and clean again in no time. 

2. P – puke!

Our pets and children are usually the culprits if you spot this little problem, although the odd adult has been known to be the cause, particularly if alcohol has been involved!

If your curtains are long ones designed to drag on the ground, the fabric becomes the collection point for all sorts of things—puke included. Floor-length curtains can also be a collection point for pet hair, insects and moisture from aluminium joinery (which can cause mould). If you notice any of these issues on your curtains, you need to deal with the issue as soon as possible.

No matter what nasty substance your curtains have been dragging in, we can help. Curtain Clinic will bring back the freshness to your curtains with our efficient two-day turnaround.

3. P – Putrid smells!

For this one, we can’t lay the blame on pets or children alone! Putrid aromas can arise from any number of sources – think old cooking smells, musty smells, stale cigarette smoke—whatever the putrid stench, we can help.

What’s very important is that you understand that here at Curtain Clinic, we can fix all of the above, no matter how bad the mess or what fabric your curtains are made out of.

Our highly specialised team can clean nasty substances; remove stains, including mould, mildew, and watermarks; and deodorise unpleasant smells, including smells on thermal-backed curtains.  Don’t ever think your drapes are too old or too far gone. We challenge ourselves to achieve excellent results no matter the condition of the curtains.

Our team will help you get rid of those nasty 3 Ps and replace them with these 3 Ps – Pristine, Pleasant and Pee free!  You can choose whether to drop your dirty curtains with us or have us come to take them down and collect them from your premises.

Book now to get an estimate and have your curtains cleaned and refreshed for spring.

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